While I love travel, I’ve never really been a big fan of flying – I am in the ‘Anxious Flyers Club’ for sure. A little bit of turbulence and I’m likely grabbing your hand with my clammy palm until I can get focused and centered again. Over the years I have really worked on reducing my fears of flight, so today I am sharing my top tips for relaxing and enjoying flying, and the opportunity to see the world while absorbing new experiences!

1. Be thankful- Whenever I fly one of the #1 things I am thankful for is my sight. The ability to see the world from thousands of feet above the air is pretty frickin’ cool.

2. Deep, controlled breaths- breathing slowly in and out helps regulate your heart rate. Make sure they are slow and controlled, this is key to the regulation. When we get nervous our teeth tend to clench and our jaws tighten. Try to focus on relaxing your tongue away from the roof of your mouth. This is a tip I learned in yoga that has proven to be helpful because it allows you to focus on the point of tension you are holding onto and retrain your focus to releasing it. This shift in awareness takes your mind off the panic of the situation and gets you more focused on your breath.

3. Let go of control- I think this is the number one reason people’s fear of flying becomes so high. You have absolutely no control over the weather, or what happens. My biggest suggestion here is to embrace it. There aren’t many chances in life we have to feel totally out of control and the minute you begin to let go of the need to control every situation you can relax knowing that everything is in the hands of the universe. The more you can release, the better off you’ll be.

4. Read or listen to music- Reading takes your focus off the flight and helps keep your mind on something else. Plus, it’s a great way to catch up on a good book you haven’t had the chance to read in awhile. If reading isn’t your thing, I recommend music!

5. Exercise beforehand- Burning off a ton of energy before sitting is the perfect way to get you relaxed especially for individuals with high energy. I always ensure to get a really great workout in as many consecutive days in advance as possible. This way you’re a bit burnt out before the flight and it’s a great use of a rest day! Still had a stressful, less than ideal flight? YOGA. Next day yoga is game changer. One flight I felt so sick from the turbulence & was so insanely tense I felt like I could barely move. I got myself to a yoga class first thing the next day & these side effects were instantly cleared!

6. Avoid allergy causing foods- I’ve mentioned this in numerous posts before like here and here, but do your best to avoid foods you are sensitive too. A heightened allergic response creates a higher rate of anxiety and an increased heart rate. By avoiding these foods for a week or two before a flight you’ll greatly reduce the chance of this anxiety happening in air.

And there you have it, my go to tips for anxious flyers! Do you have any tips that help you when you travel? Be sure to share them below so others can experience their benefits as well!