Have you ever wondered how smoothies and juices are different? Or gone to make a juice in a blender only to be disappointed with a thick sludge? Today I’m breaking down the difference between juices and smoothies, which to consider for your health and how they work differently in the body!

If you don’t know by now, I absolutely love smoothies! Smoothies are great if you’re looking for a quick meal or need something on the go. I love having them for breakfast or after a hard workout when I don’t feel like cooking up any food. Making smoothies will require a blender, whereas juice requires a juicer. A smoothie is simply blending the ingredients which keeps the pulp from the fruits and vegetables in tact. This just means the contents of the smoothie aren’t separated, so you are eating it all which includes both the plant fiber and the nutrients. In other words, think of a smoothie as eating a salad or other meal, this is easy, especially if you’re following my Smoothie Reset guidelines!

As much as I love smoothies, I also enjoy a fresh juice too! Juices can be a refreshing treat if you’re over water, or want to add a few more veggies into your day. I especially like them when I’m traveling, paired with a protein bar to balance the carbohydrates to avoid blood sugar crashes. With a juice you are extracting and separating the food and it’s nutrients from the plant fibers. If you have a juicer, you are familiar with the bucket that catches all the ‘juiced’ vegetable remains– this is the fiber! This is the reason why you can’t make a juice with a blender, because the extracted sweetness of the juice is pulled away from the fiber. Juicing can be a bit harder to clean and you do use quite a bit of produce for a relatively small amount of juice. Which is why they are always so expensive at coffee shops and smoothie bars. If you want to get really resourceful, you can use the pulp for recipes like this I do for this one Sweet Spicy Carrot Hummus.

So which is healthier for you? Well both are healthy foods that can also be made unhealthy quickly. I don’t ever advise a juice cleanse, or drinking smoothies more than 1x a day. They are both simply great alternates and ways to change up the taste and texture of your food, as well as a great way to get additional nutrients into your diet.

And there you have it! A bit of a breakdown on the difference between juices and smoothies! Do you prefer one over the other? Let me know if the comments and what your favorite ingredient combos are!